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Acquiring or expanding your practice, moving into the right location, equipping it with the best technology and building the cash flow that’s critical to any business’ success takes access to credit Community Bank & Trust of Florida delivers with:
Loan to Value   We have flexible financing terms for everything from architectural and design fees to construction, renovation, equipment, cabinetry and other project expenses while you build your practice, including tenant improvements.
  Our terms are flexible and interest-only payments may be available while you adjust to the ownership of your practice and build your business. Our competitive terms keep payments low and affordable.
Rate/Terms   We have fixed-rate loan terms for up to 10 years with no prepayment penalties. A fixed-rate during construction will protect you against potential interest rate changes while you’re starting and building your professional practice.
Uses   Use these convenient and affordable loans to purchase your practice and the related real estate or use a real estate combination loan to simplify your life. You can also use these loans for practice relocation, leasehold improvements and remodeling.

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In real estate as in business, the old saying really is true – it’s location, location, location. With our Medical Real Estate Loans, getting the best location for your medical, dental or veterinary practice is within your reach. Whether you need a loan to acquire, construct, remodel or expand, we have a financing option to meet your needs:
Loan to Value   Finance up to 90% of the owner-occupied medical related commercial real estate value
  Our low down payments help you obtain your own property for your medical practice instead of renting your space.
Rate/Terms   Interest-only payments are available while you build your practice. We have fixed-rate terms of up to 10 years with no prepayment penalties.
Uses   Use our real estate loan products for property acquisition, refinancing, construction, remodeling and expansion. We’ll customize a financing solution that meets the specific needs of your practice.

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Having the latest and most effective technology is good for your practice and the patients you serve. Furnish your practice with our equipment loans:
Loan to Value   Up to 100% of the purchase price on new equipment.
  Flexible payment structures make getting the technology you need easier.
Rate/Terms   Take advantage of up to 10 years in fixed-rate terms.
Uses   Any new equipment that will support the growth of your practice.

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The ability to react quickly to any business need or opportunity is critical to the success of a medical practice. Our Business Line of Credit gives you capital when you need it and can help smooth out the bumps in the road:
Payment Structure   Flexible structures that fit your expense budget.
Rate/Terms   One-year interest only terms make getting the spending power you need affordable.
Uses   Inventory purchases to support your practice.
Operating expenses to help ease the cash flow crunch.
Working capital to help your practice grow.


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