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Boat Loans
Boat lenders can be hard to find. As North Central Florida’s community lender for nearly twenty years, MIDFLORIDA understands our customers’ enthusiasm for boats of all sizes and types. Our boat loans can help you pursue all of your marine hobbies from fishing to leisure sailing. Our commitment to customer-driven quality means we help you find the loan that best fits your individual situation and goals. This kind of personalized service is almost never available from national lenders.

What are the advantages of financing with a community credit union?

Smaller local lenders are often faster and more flexible than their larger competitors. They are also more invested in and knowledgeable of the communities they serve. Financing decisions are made locally by people who understand the specific needs of the communities they work in. MIDFLORIDA works to continuously reduce processing times in order to provide swift and nimble responses to our customers. Once you apply for boat financing with MIDFLORIDA, you’ll move through the whole process with local loan officers who are dedicated to achieving ever-higher levels of customer service and satisfaction.

The entire boat loan approval process, from the initial application to the closing, can be handled by loan officers who understand your exact needs because they know you and your community.

What kinds of boats are eligible? Is there a minimum loan amount?

Many boat lenders have a minimum loan amount for boat financing. This minimum can eliminate many less expensive boats you might be interested in. However, at MIDFLORIDA, we aim to be flexible in our loan amounts and terms. From catamarans to center-console boats, from fishing trawlers to sailboats or yachts, we realize that boats are used for a variety of activities.

The wide range of prices for boats that are of interest to our customers drive our financing flexibility. Contact us today to see what we can do to help you finance the new or used boat of your choice–low or high cost.

Take the first step toward boat ownership today

To learn more about your boat financing options or start the application process, call us today or visit one of our branches in Marion, Sumter, or Alachua counties. See how MIDFLORIDA can make your dream of owning a boat come true.

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