I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Growing up in Ocala, I remember several things from our childhood.  Many of my summertime memories involved water.  I remember our parents taking the family to the beach, fishing, boating, waterskiing and even the annual canoe trips down the Juniper Run.  Our family was always comfortable around water because our parents provided swimming lessons for us at a very young age.  Their idea was that if we learned to swim, it would be a “lifetime skill”.  By learning to swim it could save your life or help you assist others.

Today our bank works very hard to promote financial literacy. Our hope is that if we can teach kids, young adults and college students about budgeting and financial planning that it will become a “lifetime skill”.  Financial literacy is a little different than swimming because technology has changed the way you can access your money.  However, the basic principles of financial management have remained the same.  Like swimming, financial literacy is a “lifetime skill”.  Once you learn how money works, how to manage money and how to invest it, you should always be able to help yourself and potentially help others.

Incidentally, our bank has helped several thousand children and adults learn about money management through numerous financial literacy programs. In addition, through a swim scholarship program with Swim America, we have provided funds to teach over 100 children, from low to moderate income families, how to swim through the Learn to Swim scholarship program.  Please help yourself and others by learning a “lifetime skill”.  Our bank is always looking for opportunities to teach and promote financial literacy.