A Message to Our Members About COVID-19


The uncertainty of the pandemic has everyone operating in a heightened state as we work to maintain normalcy. Remaining open and accessible is part of that normalcy as our services are critical to the members we serve.


At MIDFLORIDA, we intend to try and maintain branch availability for the community in a responsible way that helps maintain support to the members, but also offers protection to our staff. 

This is an evolving effort, but at the heart of it all is taking care of everyone through this. For both our employees and our members, here are some ways we are doing that:


Lobby Closures

Due to increasing concern for our members and staff, all lobbies are closed (where applicable, drive-thrus are still open):

If you need to access your safe deposit box at one of these locations, please call 352-369-1000 to set up an appointment with a manager. 

*Does not have drive-thru service


Keeping our environment clean

Hand sanitizer, antibacterial spray and wipes are available throughout our branches and departments to allow for staff and members to routinely clean their hands and work areas.  


Restricting lobby activities to members only

To help mitigate extended interactions, we will begin restricting activities in our lobbies to member-only transactions and providing account servicing only at the teller line accessed by the lobby or drive-thru beginning Monday, March 23. This will mean lobby staff will be deployed to other areas and no new accounts or loans will be processed in-branch. Members or potential new members interested in opening an account or applying for a loan can do so online either through online banking or midflorida.com. 


Encouraging social distancing

In addition to cancelling all work-related travel and non-essential training, reminders will also appear in various locations to be mindful of social distancing, and if sick, to stay home or use alternate services like the drive-thru, Help Desk or online options. 


Focusing on what we know

There are so many speculative things and unknowns, but be assured that senior management is closely monitoring the Florida Department of Health’s COVID-19 dashboard map and has prepared a phased approach for potential lobby closures and/or branch closures by city, market or population, as necessary. Please know that if things change, we will change.  


Helping members during this time

Because this pandemic and the needs surrounding it are likely to have an impact on our membership, we are offering relief with the following service:


Emergency Access to Credit Limit Increase on your MIDFLORIDA Credit Card – available for both business and consumer accounts, you need only call the Help Desk at (863) 688-3733 or toll-free (866) 913-3733.

Waived Early Withdrawal Penalty

The early withdrawal penalty will be waived on any certificate of deposit, whether the withdrawal is for the partial or full amount, by visiting a branch or by calling 352-369-1000 or 888-388-1007.


We understand that our services are a vital component of our nation’s critical infrastructure and that any changes we make are felt by the community and our membership. It’s for this reason that we continue to balance our priorities of keeping staff healthy and safe, but also keeping our services available to you.



Steve Moseley



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