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Real Customer Service

Customer service can be hard to define. However, when we receive good customer service it is usually greatly appreciated. We expect good customer service when we go to a grocery store or a fine dining restaurant. You should expect excellent customer service when you go to your bank as well. But what about when you call to dispute a charge […]

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Learning New Words

A wise man once said “You should learn something new each day.” Bankers used to read financial newspapers every morning to learn about the current events and how they would shape the economy. Today, Bankers spend a lot of time reading online about the economy. Now economic news streams across the internet in real time and financial news channels broadcast […]

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Lifetime Skills

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Growing up in Ocala, I remember several things from our childhood.  Many of my summertime memories involved water.  I remember our parents taking the family to the beach, fishing, boating, waterskiing and even the annual canoe trips down the Juniper Run.  Our family was always comfortable around water because our parents provided swimming […]

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