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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from CBTFL

We would like to wish all of our customers, shareholders, and blog readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2018. We finally say goodbye to 2017 and Hurricane Irma. Our economy has improved during the past year and we are optimistic about the future. Our Community Bank and Trust of Florida family is integrating technology with banking […]

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Costs Of Owning A Horse Farm In North Central Florida

So you want to own a horse farm? Whether it’s a longtime dream or a recent business pursuit, there are many factors to consider before you start looking at equestrian properties or comparing horse farm loans. Should you build or buy your horse farm? In short, buying an existing horse farm will be cheaper than building one, provided that the […]

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Be Proactive in Protecting Your Private Information

Personal information and your identity should be kept private. It should be up to each individual to decide if any personal information should be shared at all. Every time that you apply for credit, make a major purchase, request insurance or get medical services you must agree to provide some level of private information or decide not to get the […]

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Irma is Gone!!!

Irma has moved on after wreaking havoc on Florida and the Caribbean. We are grateful for all of the dedication and loyalty of our CBTFL family that helped re-open our bank immediately after the storm.  It will be several months before our communities get back to normal. Many of our citizens still need permanent power, construction materials and debris removal […]

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Real Customer Service

Customer service can be hard to define. However, when we receive good customer service it is usually greatly appreciated. We expect good customer service when we go to a grocery store or a fine dining restaurant. You should expect excellent customer service when you go to your bank as well. But what about when you call to dispute a charge […]

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Learning New Words

A wise man once said “You should learn something new each day.” Bankers used to read financial newspapers every morning to learn about the current events and how they would shape the economy. Today, Bankers spend a lot of time reading online about the economy. Now economic news streams across the internet in real time and financial news channels broadcast […]

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