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Guide to Preventing Identity Theft and Fraud

From large data breaches at international companies to individual consumers scammed out of hundreds or thousands of dollars, identity theft and fraud cases seem to become a bigger problem with each year that passes. Here in North Central Florida, Orlando Police are inundated with new identity theft and fraud cases every day. And statewide, Florida ranked second in a WalletHub […]

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New Home Construction in North Central Florida: Here’s What You Need to Know

Most people don’t need to be convinced to move to Florida. Whether you were born in the Sunshine State and can’t imagine living anywhere else, or you’ve chosen to call North Central Florida home, there are many reasons to love it here. Just ask U.S. News, which ranks Florida 13th overall in its 2019 list of Best States. We are […]

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The Villages Relocation Guide

Tucked away in central Florida, The Villages is a retirement oasis for active adults. 30 minutes south of Ocala and about an hour northwest of Orlando, The Villages is a 20,000 acre community filled with everything you need to live, play, and stay healthy after the age of 55. A long-time favorite on 55places.com, The Villages was highly ranked again […]

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Estate Planning Tips For Every Stage Of Life

Whether your reasoning is that you’re too young, not wealthy enough, don’t know where to start, or too busy, the truth is that every adult should have an estate plan, especially once you become a parent. Learn more.

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Ultimate Guide To State And Local Resources For Starting A Business In Marion County, Florida

Are you thinking of starting a business in Ocala? The Sunshine State offers a friendly environment for local entrepreneurs. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 2018 profile of Florida, there are 2.5 million small businesses and they make up the majority of companies headquartered here. While most people think of tourism as Florida’s main industry, the statewide economy is […]

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Building vs. Buying a Medical Practice in Ocala

An overview of the pros and cons of building vs. buying a medical practice, as well as factors you’ll need to consider with both options.

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