Business Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is an essential part of business success in many commercial industries. That’s why MIDFLORIDA Credit Union is pleased to offer loans for business equipment financing across a wide variety of industries. We are committed to investing in the communities we serve by contributing to a thriving business community. Let our friendly service and substantial experience as an equipment financing lender help your company reach its goals.

How do equipment loans work?

Businesses are not one-size-fits-all, and neither is our approach to financing equipment. We assess each application according to your company’s financial circumstances, credit history, and present needs. Oftentimes the equipment you wish to purchase can be used as collateral on the loan.  MIDFLORIDA is able to offer flexible terms and competitive rates. All of our decision making happens locally with a background knowledge of the business environment you work in.

What industries and types of equipment does MIDFLORIDA write loans for?

Equipment financing is common in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Software
    • Could include proprietary software, computer systems, and other items
  • IT/network maintenance/systems engineering
  • Farming and agriculture
    • Can cover tractors, granaries, farm buildings, and other types of farm equipment
  • Any office-based job
    • Desks and office furniture can be covered by equipment financing
  • Construction
  • Retail Business
  • Medical

Whether you are seeking commercial equipment financing to purchase new farm or manufacturing equipment, MIDFLORIDA Credit Union brings its keen interest in supporting local businesses to your company. You can count on us to provide excellent and responsive service throughout the application process and deliver a swift response.

To discuss your equipment financing options, call us or visit your nearest branch.

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