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Examples of Fraud
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Below is an example of a fraudulent email. You'll notice the use of poor grammar ("There were made several charges to...") in the first paragraph which is a possible sign of email fraud. Other signs to look for are misspelled words, awkward or unprofessional writing and typos. Also be suspicious of urgent or alarming appeals. If you feel you have received a fraudulent email please call us immediately at 1-352-369-1000.

Dear Community Bank & Trust of Florida Member,

We have detected unusual activity in your online account, caused by a 3rd-party intrusion. There were made several charges to your credit card. In order to cancel these charges, complete our online form by clicking on the following link:


By completing our online form your are in accordance with our Terms of Agreement and your online access will be continued as normal.

Thank you for taking your time!

Please do not reply to this notification email as it will not be reviewed. Copyright Community Bank & Trust of Florida, 2008
This example looks very similar to the legitimate website, however, when you place your mouse cursor over the links you'll see something other than or ibankcallout.cfm.

This example looks nothing like our website and asks for information (credit card #, pin number, security code) that we would never solicite on a website.

If you feel you have been a victim of email or online fraud please
contact us immediately at 1-352-369-1000.

352.369.1000 OR
888.388.1007 OR
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