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Mission Statement
Community Bank & Trust of Florida provides high quality financial products with personalized customer service. We are committed to provide attractive career opportunities and to fulfill our obligations as responsible corporate citizens.

Core Values and Concepts
The following are the core values and concepts which will guide all Community Bank employees and directors in their relationships and operations:

  • Customer-driven Quality. Customers are the final judge of Community Bank products and services. Community Bank must anticipate and meet the needs of all its internal and external customers, now and in the future.

  • Leadership. The leaders of Community Bank must develop and pursue Community Bank's values, vision, mission, and goals in a manner that addresses the needs of shareholders, employees, and customers.

  • Continuous Improvement and Learning. In order to achieve ever-higher levels of quality and customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and learning will be a regular part of daily work. Sources of improvement and learning will include employee ideas, customer input, and bench marking.

  • Employee Participation and Development. Community Bank's success depends on the knowledge, skill, and motivation of its employees. Community Bank will invest in the development of its employees through empowerment, education, training, and opportunities for continuing growth.

  • Fast Response. Success in the banking industry requires fast and flexible response to customers; and continuous reduction of cycle times for the completion of tasks and the introduction of new products and services.

  • Design Quality and Prevention. Products and services developed by Community Bank must be designed to incorporate quality from the beginning so as to prevent problems, defects, and waste.

  • Long Range Outlook. To acquire a position as a leader in its market, Community Bank will make long term commitments to its shareholders, employees, customers, and community. Planning will anticipate continuous change in customer expectations, business opportunities, regulatory requirements, community expectations, and in competitive challenges.

  • Management by Fact. Community Bank will have systems to collect and analyze data from customers, employees, and shareholders. Plans and decisions will be based on the factual information produced by those systems.

  • Partnership Development. Community Bank will build internal and external partnerships to fulfill its goals.

  • Public Responsibility and Citizenship. Community Bank recognizes its responsibilities as a corporate citizen, and will plan and conduct its operations in a manner which will fulfill those responsibilities.

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